What’s BJT ? Business Japanese Proficiency Testを知っていますか?

If you can speak Japanese, you’d like to work in a Japanese company. I recommend you that you will study to take “BJT“. If you’ll do so, you’ll know not only how to communicate with Japanese-co-workers but also how to recognize Japanese culture and customs.

日本語会話に自信(じしん)があり、日系(にっけい)企業(きぎょう)で働(はたら)くために、ビジネス日本語の資格(しかく)をとりたい。そのような方(かた)におすすめなのがBJTです。 BJTの試験(しけん)対策(たいさく)の勉強(べんきょう)をすることで、日本人同僚(どうりょう)とのコミュニケーションの実例(じつれい)を学(まな)べたり、日本の文化(ぶんか)や慣習(かんしゅう)にたいする知識(ちしき)も深(ふか)まります。

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The results of BJT are processed statistically based on item response theory (IRT) to produce a score from 0-800. You can apply for this test on Web site, you can also take it at your country. And you will chose the day which you want to take the test.


If you’re interested in BJT, you can try samples on BJT at BJT-site.



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